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Visualization Tools for Microbial Genome Alignments

The EnteriX servers allow comparative views of a reference bacterial or virus genome with sequences from several related organisms using two different visualization tools. The Enteric server offers large-scale views of pairwise alignments, with point-and-click capabilities to retrieve related gene and alignment information. The Menteric tool displays nucleotide-level multiple alignments of the genomic sequences, along with regulatory site annotations which the user interested in conservation and functional studies may want to explore further. A list of currently supported reference genomes is here. Other organisms can be integrated upon request, and as sequence data become available.

        Enteric PIPs     The Enteric server

        Menteric multiple alignment     The Menteric server

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EnteriX is provided to you by CBCB and collaborators: Liliana Florea (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine); Webb Miller, Cathy Riemer and Scott Schwartz (Penn State Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics); Michael McClelland (San Diego Institute for Biological Research); Steve Forsythe (Nottingham Trent University); Vince Lee (University of Maryland); Richard Wilson (Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University, St. Louis).
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