Menteric multiple alignment   EnterixV :: HPV

Displays a multiple alignment of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 16 genome with related HP viruses. A complete description can be found here.

Address or gene name in the HPV 16 (reference) genome:

Address range: 1-7905. The complete gene list can be found here.

Conservation criterion for drawing the conserved regions in the alignment:

Types of functional sites in the display:       Genes

Genomes to be included in the display (up to 11); by default, the first 11 genomes are selected.

HPV18   HPV31   HPV33   HPV35   HPV39  
HPV45   HPV52   HPV56   HPV58   HPV59  
HPV68b   HPV6   HPV11   HPV42   HPV44  
HPV53   HPV54   HPV61   HPV72   HPV81  
TRDNA445   TRDNA455   TRDNA456   TRDNA481   TRDNA504  
TRDNA513   TRDNA571   USR (user)  

User sequence (optional). No FASTA headers, please!

Output format:       PostScript     PDF

Please NOTE that some queries may require more than 30s to complete!

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